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Subject  :  Boralevi's Frammenti
Author  :  Wendel Swan
Date  :  08-31-1999 on 07:58 a.m.
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For another on-line exhibition of fragments, see Alberto Boralevi's Frammenti:


The following Memling gul fragment from the exhibition will certainly challenge Mr. Gorden's tolerance for the species.

Wendel Swan

Subject  :  RE:Boralevi's Frammenti - An Important Note
Author  :  Steve+Price
Date  :  08-31-1999 on 08:55 a.m.
Dear Friends, The exhibition of fragments that Alberto Boralevi has on the web is relevant to our discussion because of the many examples and easy access to them. On the other hand, the pieces are for sale, and as a matter of policy we do not allow commercial postings. Therefore, while I am leaving the message linking to the exhibition in place as a convenience to readers who want to see what sorts of fragments interest some serious collectors, I ask that these kilims not be discussed on our board, and will have to remove postings that include recommendations (pro or con) about any of the pieces still for sale (some have been sold) or the dealer who is offering them. Steve Price

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