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Subject  :  Fragments
Author  :  Yon Bard
Date  :  08-29-1999 on 09:23 p.m.
It all boilds down to opinion. Who are you to say what collectors should or should not collect? I have several fragments that are attractive objects in their own right. As for fragmented two dimensional works of art, there are many heavily damaged frescos and mosaics all over the world that attract many admiring viewers. And what's the relevance of dimensionality anyway? Why don't three dimensional fragments such as the Parthenon and many other ruins count? There are undoubtedly fragments in every art form that are perhaps not worth keeping, but who is to judge which? If you don't like fragments don't buy them, but to deprecate every non-historian who does is absurd. Regards, Yon

Subject  :  RE:Fragments
Author  :  Sam Gorden
Date  :  08-30-1999 on 10:41 p.m.
Dear Mr.Bard, I believe that you misinterpret my intentions when you ask "Who are you to say what collectors should or should not collect?" Since the concept of individual freedom is sacred to me, I would NEVER attempt this sacrilege. However, my contention that the promotion of these rags is of dubious value and a disservice to our field comes under the heading of "Free Speech". A right granted me under our constitution. A leading dealer felt the same way but he did not publicize this thought for obvious reasons. He said that the frenetic promotion of these items had done great harm. The two-dimentional analog, between carpets and paintings, seems valid to me. The difference in tactile appreciation is a non sequitur because the usual appreciation of both is visual. The only difference between the two is that the painting is hung and the rug is either SEEN on the floor or wall. You do me an injustice with the charge "deprecate every non-historian". I have attacked the academicians, the recent self-anointed Oriental rug experts, often in my writings. It is one of the reasons that Hali called me the "Enfant Terrible" of collectors and that this ilk find me less than popular. In conclusion many thanks for your comments. You have activated my little gray cells! Sam

Subject  :  A word or two about Free Speech
Author  :  Steve Price
Date  :  08-31-1999 on 06:47 a.m.
Dear Sam, In your previous post you invoke the First Amendment to the US Constitution as giving you the right to express your opinion here. Let me begin by saying that your expressions of opinion are welcome here. In fact, they are here by specific invitation. And everyone, in my opinion, benefits from considering them whether they come around to your point of view or not. However, we have occasionally taken some flak about the restrictions we place on messages on our boards, and I feel compelled to remind everyone that the First Amendment says that the government cannot restrict your right to speak your mind. That does not extend to private situations (I am free to ban speeches in my living room or on my front lawn, for instance, and so are you), and Turkotek is free to place whatever conditions suit our group on use of our boards. Again, I emphasize, your opinions are not only welcome, they were actively solicited and are valued. Steve Price

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