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Subject  :  From Rags to riches (Conclusion)
Author  :  Sam Gorden
Date  :  09-10-1999 on 01:43 a.m.
gordsa@earthlink.net I might just as well called the following "The TurkoTek Experience". My gratitude goes to Steve Price for his wise editing of my article which incorporated my purpose in contrast to Alan Marcuson's emasculation under the title of "Pandora's Box" in Hali. This extends to all those who took the time and trouble to make their comments. Living in a cultural desert, you must appreciate my joy to present arguements to facionados who share my enthusiasm. It is wonderful for me to converse with fellow ruglovers who agree to disagree. Voltaire said "I disagree with everything you say, but I will defend with my life your right to say it." This is the essence of democracy. In conclusion, allow me to present an analogy. Let us imagine a tribal women weaving a rug for her family. Her intent is to embody the traditions, the culture and dreams of her tribe. The eventual use of the piece is a non sequitur. If she could have accomplished this with a fragment, she probably would have done so. I might point out that whenever I viewed oil paintings which depicted carpets, I never saw a fragment. In baseball, there is a pitcher and a catcher. In art, we have the artist and the appreciator. The latter may not like the work even if it is an accepted masterpiece. His reaction is personal, psychological and stems from his life's experiences. We must not confuse intent with reaction. It is clear that the foregoing discussions have resulted in my cultural growth for which I am most thankful to all concerned. I would welcome any E-Mail on the subject which is both controversial and fascinating. All the best to you and TurkoTek. Sam

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