Until now I didn't know that there were two designs produced in Chaili (Chajli). I only knew the common three (sometimes four) hooked octagons design, usually with cotton warps and wefts and higher pile height than other Shirvans, perhaps because this village is in a hilly area.

Except for Wright and Wertime, I found no authors who attribute examples related to my rug to Chaili. The lithograph referenced in that book, the design of hooked medallion in the tradition of Chaili products, as well as the structure are consistent with this attribution. Perhaps this type preceded the well known three medallion textbook Chaili rugs.

In the absence of early dated examples of the three octogonal hooked medallions type, Ian Bennett ("Oriental Rugs. Vol. 1. Caucasian" p. 175) is not convinced that any of the examples of that type are of great age.

Does any reader know of (or has handled) other related examples?

Do you have further information concerning this production in Chaili village?