First related rug
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Only one part of the picture in Wright and Wertime's very good book, "Caucasian Carpets and Covers" is displayed here (the full picture is on p. 72 of the book). It's a Baku district pile rug, Chaili village (Zakgorstorg lithograph 1928). The published rug has a more rigid design and is probably younger than mine, but the relations in design are evident

My Caucasian rug

Second related rug
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I found a second related example (O’Bannon, "Oriental Rugs", #36, picture from Peter Pap).

It is labeled Shirvan (Chaili rugs are commonly categorized as Shirvan ). This rug has a nice design and is more organized, but lacks the tribal character of mine. It is otherwise very similar and was probably woven by settled villagers. O'Bannon attributes it to circa 1880.