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Author  :  Daniel Deschuyteneer
Date  :  08-24-1999 on 05:22 p.m.
Dear all, I reproduce here, with its permission, William Eaggleton advice concerning Rug3 & Rug4 Dear Daniel I enjoyed the discussion from my office in Layoune, Western Sahara. A problem for me however is that I do not have a rug library here, or any of my rugs to consult in connection with your attributions. Your opinion regarding rug #3 is likely correct provided the back of the rug has that characteristic early Qushan "look",,ie a crisp rendition of the design with red wefts predominating. The long format is not typical, but long rugs from the region do exist. What else could it be? Luri--possibly, but not likely? Hashtrud? Close but not quite right. In any case it is as very interesting rug. Regarding #4, the cotton structure does not point to as Kurdish provenance. Karadagh is a convenient label for such pieces, but northwest Iran is perhaps safer. I do miss rugs here in the desert. The nearest place to see any is Marrakesh. Best wishes Bill Eagleton

Subject  :  Images of # 3 and #4, for convenience
Author  :  Steve+Price
Date  :  08-26-1999 on 11:56 a.m.
Here is Rug 3 -

and here is Rug 4 -

I thought this might make discussion more convenient.

Steve Price

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