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Posted by Erol Abit on July 15, 1999 at 08:23:36:

In Reply to: Stripes posted by Erol Abit on July 13, 1999 at 16:20:19:

: : 5/ Could the stripes have been used to measure out something?

: : This would imply a regular spacing of all the stripes. As I don't see this feature I would also reject this possibility.

: This reasoning is not sufficient. In fact, the philosophy of measurement in science today is based on the comparison and the comparisons are not based on regular distributions. If it were based on regularity, we wouldn't have been able to measure anything in the life. If I remind the projections of "periods" onto the surfaces, it may make some sense? Projections of what? To me, it seems to be of colors.

: Regards,
: Erol

Let me make clear what I meant here. The stripes in "black" on "white" background may be projection of day and nights in a week, in a month, etc, which make periods. I gave these major colors, i.e. white and black, since we in our daily understanding are more used to. The white can correspond to day light but it can also the light of the moon in the night if we look at from another angle. Ok, then, what about red stripes on white background? "Kyzyl", as Steve said, means "reddish" but not "red" (like the color of cherry or blood). The red corresponds to "Al" in Turkish. So, if it is not called "Al Chuval", "kyzyl" in "kyzyl juval" must be related to some other things. What can they be? For example, it can be color of sunset or sunrise where we can see in the sky the moon ("ak") and the sun (in "kyzyl") at the same time. (By the way, it must be also mentioned that "Ala" means "mixtured color".)

I mean that the projections of "days (ak) and nights (black) in a week or month etc" onto a surface (chuval) or the projections of "moon (ak) and sun (kyzyl) during sunset" again onto a surface (chuval) or the projections of other colors in the sky onto these objects might have been used to scale the things, as the references which the measurement requires. The spaces between stripes may not be regular as Daniel observed. But it can be periodic or quasi-periodical as in the case of the colors of light changes during a day or a week or a month, etc.

What about enhancing white part by using "cotton" and then later "silk"? As Tom said, it may be because of marriage or dowry. If this is correct, using stronger and stronger and finer and finer materials in white parts makes sense. I may add more on this later. These are just my thoughts without reading anything on the subject.


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