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Posted by Daniel Deschuyteneer on July 13, 1999 at 15:17:34:

Dear all,

The best way to demonstrate a theory is to test it.

I hope I can always apply mathematics or all the world will laugh of me.

I used Steve's measurements and converted them in centimeter as I am more customer to use this measure than foot. The result will not differ.

4 feet wide = 120 cm
3 feet deep = 90 cm
1 feet opening = 30 cm

The volume is 120 x 90 x 30 = 324.000 centimeters cube

One kilogram of grains that I normally use to feed my chickens stored in a potatoes bag occupy a volume of around 1500 centimeters cube.

324000/1500 = 216

So if the container was full of grains 216 Kg could be stored. But it wasn't full to permit its closure.

Let us say that only 3/4 of the volume was used.: 216 x 3/4 = 162 Kg or only the half 216 x 1/2 = 108 Kg

It makes 81 kg or 54 kg per handle.

I think it's impossible that two handles could resist to such a traction if the cord was only sewn.

Hum, hum …

It's after this salon that ak and kizyl chuval were labeled "Einstein chuval" :+))

2/ Steve, you said that cotton is used for the wefts but that the warps are wool.

If I correctly understand what O' Bannon explains at page 219 of his book the white in ak chuval is primarily cotton. He doesn't speak about the wefts.

Having seen many rugs, such as dragon zileh with heavily wear area when cotton was used for the pattern I think it is an unsuitable strand for a heavy use.

If I am wrong it's therefore that this type of chuval are still labeled ak chuval.

3/ It would be interesting to report how many wefts are used between the rows of knots in the pile parts of your chuval and of Sophia's one, especially in the elem. Following Moshkova and O'Bannon commentaries, the use of (single) only one weft was a 20th century feature.

4/ Last I think Tom Cole's proposition is the most reliable one until now. Also it would explain why these chuval are rarer than common utilitarian containers such as salt bags.

Ohhh, my chickens are waiting me. Bye bye ..

Best regard's


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