Re: Mistakes: Too Few to Mention?

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Posted by Marvin Amstey on June 13, 1999 at 11:45:51:

In Reply to: Re: Mistakes: Too Few to Mention? posted by Yon Bard on June 13, 1999 at 09:55:24:

: : Dear folks -

: : We had some technical problems with the board that may have discouraged some contributions to this particular thread. I want to ask this question again since the role mistakes is often critical to learning.

: : Someone is said if you really want to learn something about a given rug, buy it and show to a few experienced collectors. You will quickly receive an education, although usually one focusing on the faults of the piece you now own.

: : So again, what are we willing to say about the mistakes we have made in collecting? Or are we like the words of the song "I Did It My Way," that Sinatra famously rendered: "Mistakes? I've made a few, but then too few to mention."

: : There are mistakes of both commission and omission. Those of omission are easier to talk about and are probably the preferred type to make (i.e., it is alway better to pass a piece up that you should have bought then it is to buy a piece that you should not have). But examples of either or both would be useful.

: : Regards,

: : R. John Howe

: Once more, let me take the contrary position: I think errors of omission are much worse than errors of commission. In the latter, the worst that happens is that you've lost some money (rarely will it be a total loss). On the other hand, you'll kick yourself for ever (at least I do) for having let go pieces that I would dearly like to have now. The saying 'there'll always be another one (at an affordable price)' is often not true when applied to desirable rare pieces.

: Regards, Yon

I agree, and that's probably one of the reasons the that prices of good (I emphasize GOOD) material keeps going up to where we start kicking ourselves for not buying the piece that "got away". It's a vicious circle.

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