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Posted by Erol Abit on June 08, 1999 at 09:02:45:

In Reply to: Re: Bad advice posted by Marvin Amstey on June 08, 1999 at 08:31:19:

: : Dear Wendel,

: : It is difficult to ignore your post without responding. I think the advice "buy things only you really like" is given when the advicer wants to escape from the field after all his/her accumulated knowledge is exhausted, when there is nothing left to say anythings anymore, also when she/he is squeezed between the "knowledge" (the thing that requires agreements) and "liking" (does not require agreements).

: : What can I learn from collectors if I were planning to be a collector? If we don't take the investment purposes into account, the only thing I will have learned from collectors at the end of learning process is, I think, their "democratic love". I mean by this that follow "voting for what rug you love" to learn the best rug you will like.

: : By the way, I wonder what collectors' main focuses are? Historical, Cultural or Aesthetical? I sense that "historical" aspect is playing most significant role because almost all of collectors are first attracted by "antiquity".

: : Finally, my answer to the questions. I as one who is a very experienced collector (perhaps with longer experience than many collectors) will answer some of questions only.
: : Do you still keep your first rug? Yes, I do since I owned it 5 years ago.
: : Do you display it? Yes, I do. (see my page).And many people have seen it when it was traveling with me from city to city for some years.
: : Which advice can you give to a novice collector? Well, I will advice him/her to read "the summary" which will be written at the end of this talk...:)

: : Regards,
: : Erol

: Five years is a long experience???? Some of the contributors to this board are into there 25-30 year period. Marvin

25-30 years ago, I was sleeping in a cradle. I was just joking when saying 5 years. Of course, I am not a collector since I own only one rug. By the way, I know of a collector even with more than 50 year experience. You know who he is. I salute you, Sam...


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