Re: Ikat and other things that aren't really rugs

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Posted by Erol Abit on May 14, 1999 at 12:54:50:

In Reply to: Re: Ikat and other things that aren't really rugs posted by Steve Price on May 14, 1999 at 10:48:57:

: Dear Yon and Michael (and everyone else),

: You prompted me to look at what I collect. Less than 20% of what I refer to as an oriental rug collection consists of rugs or carpets. The rest is bags, garments and other assorted textile items. And the "oriental" part for most collectors just means western and central Asia and Asia minor. The point is, we use "rug" (and many other words) very loosely and generally understand it to include anything that might be advertised or described in HALI.

: And then we complain about the errors in books!

: Steve Price

Dear Steve,

In this connection, are you as collectors or we in general under imposed high intensity lights of books or journals such as Hali while learning rug, its definitions, etc? If so, in learning, we are beginning with errors included in them. Since errors in basical things will propagate much and diffuse into all knowledge that we we will have later one must be very carefull at the beginning. To begin to learn with an educational object such as books or modern digital mediums or to begin with the real medium such as buying a rug first and examining its details, thinking on it while looking at it, etc. To prevent errors at the beginning of learning, in our case, rugs, most of rug book authors will tell a novice to read the books first while majority of merchants will tell him/her to buy a rug first. My preference is to buy an information first but the errors make me affraid. On the other hand, there is, in this sense, no informational error in rugs since, with error or not, it is the real object we are questioning by books, CDs, articles, magazines, etc..


ps. by the way, I did't want to begin with an error in English and kept the word how native people call them. I am talking about "Kece" and "Hasir" I put on my site yesterday as "other things" which are other kind of weavings but not rugs. I am not linking to my site here in this post not to promote "these noncommercial films" in your site. Anyone interested can ask the internet address of page of these films by email.

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