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Posted by Erol Abit on June 04, 1999 at 18:26:59:

Dear All,

I just finished reading the discussion in the Salon 6 of TurkoTek with Salon Title "Design Interpreations of Turkomen Rugs" to find some information about meanings of symbols, colors, etc in the rugs.

If to connect to the current topic, i.e. to "rug books and literatures", I will add these online discussions or readings (or better, the results what I obtained from them) to the raw literature. I, one who has no rug source yet and has eyes that aren't coloured by rugs, obtained these results from this Salon 6:

1. There were too many references given during the discussions.The attempts to support or to refute the claim(s) or theories were made by giving many books as references. But aren't most of the books, at least most parts of them copies of some original research qualified books(?) Consider an error in an original book and think about how this error will propagate. (Btw,a copy book does not make a copy exactly but changes the way of telling, so the same error will transform into another form but it is still error)

So, is it so meaningful to give many number of books as a reference to support or refute a thesis?

2. The title of discussion tells only few percents of whole body of discussion.

So, is it the same in the case of rug books? That is, should one trust the titles of books when buying, particularly from internet book sellers?

3. As I mentioned in 1., I found that all participants including Mr. Jim Allen have used many references as expected in such "prove&disprove theories". But it seemed to me that he was only one who was attempting to use also some "Emotional Knowledge". As Sam said in a previous post, "it" is gained by "experiences" (?) and, I add, it is not written in the books. (If I were in the position of him, I would not use the references much.)

Or, am I wrong? Is it, Emotional Knowledge, included in the books? I have no idea since I haven't read even few books of this field, Art in General and Rug in particular. If "emotional knowledge" is dominant, I don't think I need to read the books in this field which is a sub-field of art.

4. Finally, I was unable to find much words about "the meanings of symbols, colors, etc" in this discussion document. It seems that "this topic" is a very
controversial topic and being speculated much. Finding concensuses will be difficult(?)


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