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Posted by Erol Abit on April 30, 1999 at 16:36:44:

In Reply to: Re: interaction? posted by Steve Price on April 30, 1999 at 05:41:32:

Dear Steve,

Cluster analyse may describe the stiuation well as well as other techniques. All these from continuous to discrete from pure to applied techniques attempt to answer the question "how?", i.e how is the things over there qoing. "what" and "why" the things happen is a process of identification, setting up the model or problem, determining and defining the parameters, variables and so on.
For example, Patrick reminded me "the cultural interaction" (postulate of topic) as a possible parameter (as an answer to "what" and "why"). He used this term because he must have had in his mind "dissimilarities" between two cultures being highlighted. It reasonably makes sense. When we ask a question like WHAT makes seperate two groups, our answer will be there is a "cultural interface" even though it is thin. And when we ask WHY their bags are very different our answer will be because cultural "interaction" between them was weak. Now, the third and last question comes. "Really" so? Was really cultural interaction so weak that would cause their bags so different than that we pre-assumed and so different than that they should have been more or less? If this is answered by experts of those particular bags and of makers of them as "yes", Patrick's suggestion, i.e. weakness of cultural interaction, will have been proved and the questions "what and why" will have been answered. The next step then, by using those mathematical techniques, will be to analyse (to answer "how"s), for ex., HOW much similar or different they are. But these steps are steps of learning in a seriel way (like in aristo logic) and we are here on these boards using parallel learning by trying to answer "what, how and why"s at ALMOST same time. I wrote almost in capital letters because it was one of the things that was important in this topic and that we were not being aware of this importance. Anyways, this is another story.

My conclusion of this thread is, sticking on Patrick's suggestion, that "the differences in those bags made by people in close proximity are due to the weak cultural interactions between them".

Best regards,
Erol Abit

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