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Posted by Steve Price on April 05, 1999 at 05:15:06:

In Reply to: Paired bag faces posted by Yon Bard on April 02, 1999 at 18:28:52:

Dear Yon,

It would appear from the postings that your question elicited that the following is likely to be true:
1. When bags were used as attached pairs (saddlebags, for example), they were woven in the sequence of first a face, then one back, then the second bak, then the second face.
2. Bags that were to be cut into individual bags after removal from the loom were sometimes woven this way, too. But very often they were done in the sequence of first a back, then a face, then a back, then a face, perhaps for many bags on the same warp set. The economies of labor and material resulting from using all of the length of the warps were considerable, and while a pair of juvals might take up the whole thing, a weaver might get 3 or 4 in the torba size, perhaps twice that many of mafrash size (if the faces could be made side by side as well as above each other), and so forth.
3. It is probably vary unusual for a set of warps to be used to make only one bag.
4. There is no good reason to believe that every piece being made on one warp set was identical in size of format, as "leftover" width and length could be used to make small or odd sized items.

This is quite different than what most published sources tell us about the process.


Steve Price

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