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Posted by Maude Pattullo on March 31, 1999 at 23:51:03:

In Reply to: Re: woven bags posted by Michael Wendorf on March 31, 1999 at 11:16:56:


I begin a reply to your two postings of today, but do not have the time now (and am still grappling with this little box), to properly respond. However, I will try to get back to this tomorrow. I spent 9 years at Columbia University studying Ancient Near Eastern Art History and Archaeology; I bailed out in '82. I started my research in the Neolithic, and ended

with the ascent of Cyrus. And somewhere in this

greying head and on my sagging bookshelves is the

correct chronology, the place

names, and other assorted brick-a-brack to

elucidate my somewhat offhand comment of last


The site was certainly not Tell Halaf, which is,

as you said "advanced." Rather, it was a

little agglomeration of not-even-mudbrick

dwellings up there in the Zagros.

As to the domestication of sheep, as well as

goats, emmer and einkorn wheat and barley, these

are generally believed to have taken place in guys are gonna love this expression...the

hilly flanks of the Zagros and Taurus Mountains.

Basically Kurdish homeland, or a little lower down the slopes. An area that, in the 8th-7th

millennia, had adequate rainfall to produce a lush

springtime pasturage. The garden of eden was not

aswim in muck (ie., not down there in the estuary

of the T&E Rivers). It was up there where the

pasturage was good.

I cannot struggle here any longer...but I will say

that it has always been my firm conviction that

the Kurdish people are/were the Hurrians, the Ur-inhabitants of those beautiful hilly flanks,

who were

briefly and brilliantly overlorded by the Mitanni in the mid-2nd millennium, much in the way the

Chinese existed behind the Japanese scrim of

influence. Almost nothing at all is known about

the Hurri themselves, although anything

inexplicable from that geographic area, from

Diyarbakir south and east to Kirkuk and west in a

similar arc, is usually, by default, ascribed to


Please remember, it is axiomatic that Hill People Cause Trouble. On every continent, in every

climate, this is true. But only if you are are a

dweller in the estuary or in the town, and wish to control all of

your hinterland, should this bother you.

It has seemed to bother far too many people in

power throughout history, and, by gum, it is still bothering them today.


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