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Posted by Erol Abit on March 24, 1999 at 16:05:12:

In Reply to: I don't know what the title of this is. posted by Erol Abit on March 24, 1999 at 13:24:28:

: There was a woman in our village who died 2 years ago in her fifties. She had some mental problems, at least we were told that she was so. Who doesn't have!. After I left the village in my tens, I often remembered her especially when I hear somethings about "the collection". What she was doing in her all life was to spend almost all the day outside until sunset to collect small sized (like coin size) stones with many different colors. You can imagine how many stones she had collected in a heap. I think more than 10 trucks of very colorful stones. I have always wondered what was in her mind and her feelings about collecting those stones. Was collecting stones because of her mental problem or was her mental problem because of exceeding the limits (if there is) by collecting stones? Perhaps she was a real collector (I have no idea about real collector). Perhaps she had thought that she was collecting coins but not stones in her mind. If this second case is true, actually we all, the collectors of money, are mad. What a strange that the mads call her mad one and isolated her from the community. I salut her due to her insight. I thing that collecting rugs, stamps, paintings, etc all are like branches of a tree grown up from its root. And I think the root is seen through the "realistic" window of the life as "money". Her window might have been more convex than our flat windows hence she might have viewing the coins as the stones. She was more realistic. Perhaps... Actually, are we collecting money by collecting rugs?

: What can I say as last? We live the truth as what we call normal persons, she see the truth without living as a normal person. Perhaps...

: Regards,
: Erol

To make clear, I do NOT mean by "money and coin" as commercial objects but the objects in general which have been collected by all humans after the coins and the cashes were used for exchanges of goods, foods, etc. I think she just made a small mistake in the similarities of the objects, the coin and the stone. By the way, who knows, some of ruggies may see the rug as money (objects) made of papers which are more modern money objects than metallic coins. Was there a post on a board with a design of a $ on a rug? Anyways....


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