Re: Rugs as a Way of "Getting Girls:" What a Concept!

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Posted by Pat Weiler on March 21, 1999 at 10:29:54:

In Reply to: Re: Rugs as a Way of "Getting Girls:" What a Concept! posted by Steve Price on March 18, 1999 at 07:44:34:

: Dear John,

: If I understood Pat correctly, she wasn't saying that having a collection of rugs makes a person more attractive to a potential mate. I believe she suggests that the urge to collect colorful things is an inborn trait, and that it got that way through evolution. Brightly colored visual cues are important parts of mating rituals in many species, and obviously the more offspring an individual produces (that is, the more successful he/she is in mating), the more his/her genes become represented in the population.

: We are predominantly visual creatures (in most animals the most significant sense is smell), and Pat may have identified one of the sources of the "collector drive."

: As for a rug collection being an attraction to others, the fact that it requires a certain level of affluence and suggests at least a minimal sensitivity to things artistic, makes it likely that it would more often be an attractant than a repellant. Note that even this can be given a convenient evolutionary basis: affluence and sensitivity are perceived as making a person a more fit parent, hence, more desirable as a mate.

: Happy hunting (for rugs, of course),

: Steve Price


I was out of town at a meeting this week and when I returned and logged on to Turkotek, I found out that my gender had changed! I happen to be a he not a she :-) It might have been useful having an alter-ego, but the rules do say to use your real name on this board. It doesn't say anything about having to reveal your sex, though. Usually my gender is inarguable, but I would agree that it is difficult to see accross the internet.
As a matter of fact, I had pictured you as a rugged, handsome and articlulate gentleman of almost regal bearing from your posts.
Then I saw your photo in Hali.
(just kidding, Steve)
Maybe if I wear my ID badge with the little picture on it, that might help! :-)

I, personally, do not collect rugs to "get girls", though when I was dating my future wife and told her about the Shirvan I was buying, she probably had daydreams about us driving matching Lexus minivans from our palatial waterfront home. She married me anyway.

PatRICK Weiler

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