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Posted by Erol Abit on March 19, 1999 at 15:24:58:

In Reply to: Re: The collecting impulse? posted by Marvin amstey on March 18, 1999 at 09:46:50:

Probably an American saying: "every human has
some difficult days, which has sharp or radical changes in their lifes, in their way of thinking about the things in the life, etc" (or something like that).

Well, Jerry, you had lived two important days, one of them (marriage) may not be called difficult but must certainly have been important for you. The second, first troubles in economy, must have been difficult. The both are radical
changes in life. We think until certain ages the life is continous phenomena in which no sharp change happen. But in fact it is not usually like how we expect. When any important change happens in our life the way how we see the objects may change too and we may go back and forward in the life.
I lived last year such a change in my life when I left the university from my job. In the first months, I was thinking about my whole life. I thought
about what was the first object in my life. Actually I have known the answer but till last year I haven't given any importance to it. It was a scene in our village. One was reading a "book" in the big garden with no tree and
surrounded by houses made of stones. Then my whole life has passed in the school studies from practical, experimental to theoretical. I wonder if
the first visual memory has a strong initial impact in life. (I think it was a chance. But what was important was that there was a radical change in my life last year and then, because of this, in the way of looking at the objects.) Then I looked around myself, my surrounding to see which other objects were available. One of them was the rug which I have seen when being woven for 20 years. It was an old object but a new one in my life. You know the rest of story, ie
painting, weaving, etc... (not interested in collecting yet)

The both, Jerry's and the mine, are examples of how important changes in the life which take us back and/or forward can cause us to interest in the objects around us. He remembered the life in old days on days new things happened and mixed the old objects with the new things. He must have enjoyed his life.

You may not agree with me but I think the underlaying reason in starting to collect rugs was that rather than decoration. The decoration was the second. I wonder how the important
changes in personal and global life such as marriage, leaving the field you worked for a long time, big economic toubles in personal life and global life, whatelse, the wars, etc, can affect our interests including starting to collect the objects including the rugs.

I have never been a collector of any object yet if I don't count some butterflies I collected during the middle school after a teacher tought and forced to collect somethings. I understand now he was probably a collector of somethings. I had to kill many butterflies to pass the course. What could I chose to collect? They were a lot and free of money in our gardens. You should have seen the face of teacher when he saw my collection. Perhaps some of you, too, are teaching to collect. But isn't this an inborn ability.


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