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Posted by Patrick Weiler on March 27, 1999 at 20:11:52:

In Reply to: Re: Rarity posted by Marvin Amstey on March 25, 1999 at 09:01:11:

: : : : : You certainly hit the nail on the head when you used Arabathchi pieces as examples of "ugly". The piece on offer in this issue of Hali - in the gallery section - is a good example of very rare and "ugly". Who wants it? That's not to say that there are not beautiful Arabatchi pieces, but this one is not one of them. Marvin

: : : : Declaring a piece on the market as "ugly" from a photo in HALI seems to me a bit out of line. I would confine yourself to the discussion at hand rather than rugs you probably have never seen. I have seen this torba, in Tucson, and it is not "ugly". Your statements regarding its desireability in a collectors's market is something to be left to the marketplace in general and not your unilateral declaration. I am sure Mr. Terry does NOT appreciate your comments nor would you in a similar position. Taste in rugs is subjective.
: : : : To the discussion at hand, I am glad someone else flashed on the postage stamp mentality in collecting, something I mentioned previously which brought no response at the time.

: : : I did not mean to disparage anyone; I only voiced my opinion about the aesthestic quality of a particular rug. Clearly we can all have and voice opinions about whether we like a rug or not - or anything else for that matter. Just because a dealer has it and is trying to sell it is irrelevant; it is published and open to comment. You may like a particular painting that I don't. Obviously you like this rug; I don't. Marvin

: : You miss the point again, have you SEEN the rug? If not, you cannot judge with any degree of certainty, you are just guessing. There are many published Arabatchi pieces in the literature without having to pick out a piece being currently offered for sale. You would not like, nor would anyone else. And it is not irrelevant. Have you seen the rug? You still fail to mention if you have or not.

: No, I have not seen the rug. However, a photo tells me how crowded it is, the overall dark effect, and the poor drawing of a border that is spectacular on some rare Tekke pieces. I grant you that the wool and the texture may be outstanding, but I still have to look at it, and I still do not like it. Marvin

I suspect this little discussion had little to do with the Arabatchi in question. It has been sold. I went down to "see it in person", but, alas, it is no longer available.

Patrick Weiler

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