Maude's Actual Critique

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Posted by R. John Howe on March 26, 1999 at 17:13:32:

In Reply to: Re: Against a Complete Critique of "These Little Boxes" posted by Maude Pattullo on March 26, 1999 at 14:22:06:

Thanks to PatRICK and to Maude for setting me straight about Maude's real concern about "boxes."

About that I think there may be advice to give. Steve and especially Larry Joseph, our technical gurus could speak more concretely but I don't think there are serious obstacles to responses or editing here.

There are some musts and one thing that I routinely do myself that may help. One of the musts is that you need to be positioned at the message to which you want to respond if it is to be placed in the proper place in the thread. Then, one must click on the "Post a Follow-up" command.

Next, is something that I do that I recommend generally. That is I delete all of the preceding message excepting those parts I may want to quote in my response. I notice that many of us simply add our responses either at the beginning or the end of the preceding post and this makes it necessary to hunt for the response. Can be confusing. Messages are easier to read if they include only the writer's text not that of those who have gone before.

I' not sure of Yon's experience with not being able to copy and paste into a response. Let me try.

(Attempt at copying and pasting)

Why is it that one cannot paste text into the 'little white box?' Life would be much easier if one could create one's text elsewhere, then paste it in.

Well, I minimized this response, went back into my browser (IE) back into Turkotek, copied Yon's sentence, went out of that back into this response and pasted. Perhaps Yon is attempting something else.

One must also be sure to click the "Submit Follow up" button, lower left here rather than the "Post Followup" underlined item lower down towards the center.

About editing I'm not sure what limitation Maude has experienced. One can always scroll back to see what you've typed. I've sometimes encountered what seems like a limitation on the size of a response (as in this one) but find if one keeps typing another blank line keeps coming up.


R. John Howe

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