Re: Against a Complete Critique of "These Little Boxes"

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Posted by Patrick Weiler on March 26, 1999 at 08:42:12:

In Reply to: Against a Complete Critique of "These Little Boxes" posted by R. John Howe on March 26, 1999 at 04:59:10:

: Dear folks -

: Maude writes in part in a second useful contribution to these discussions.

: "I still hate these little boxes."

: My thought:

: I join you in part of your dismay. There is, for example, a great deal of chaff in most Internet discussions, and ours are likely not "importantly" different in this respect (although the salon format was designed to attempt to elevate our conversations a bit). Any clown (some are in full uniform: big buttons and shoes) can join the discussion if they have computer and access to the Internet.

: But there are, I think, some positive features about which to rejoice a little. "Information flow" (true, good and bad) is amazingly enhanced in this medium. And as we learn to use their at their strengths, these little boxes can be fine tools.

: Just one example. I inquired by email about the little Tibetan pony decoration I posted on our show and tell with a dealer-expert about 200 miles from where I am (Washington, D.C.) He responded overnight from Bankok (where he is traveling) and I was able compare his information (again using email) with that from another expert on the West Coast in another 24 hours. I simply could not have done that before the advent of these "little boxes." More, it would not have beeen possible for me to read your nearly lyrical initial post here on Turkotek without them.

: So while I fully acknowldege their dysfunctional sides (addition, among them) I cannot quite be as hateful of them as your (partly playful?) words suggest you are.

: Regards,

: R. John Howe


Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think you missed the point of the "little boxes" statement.
Maude does not like having to type her thoughts into the small, square, white box that is used at the bottom of this page, labeled "Comments".
If I understand her, she is saying that it is difficult to gather one's thoughts and type them into this tiny box withouth being able to see them as they fit together. One must back-space and scroll up and down to see what one has written.
I suspect this difficulty is partly responsible for some of the humorous misspellings that are so common on messages.


Patrick Weiler

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