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Posted by Marvin Amstey on March 25, 1999 at 17:20:17:

In Reply to: Re: Rarity and "ugly' posted by Charles wilson on March 25, 1999 at 16:25:49:

: : Marvin:
: Since some of us have agreed not to speak of rugs currently being advertised by dealers, I wish to write about your collection, which is published. Clearly you were not influenced by aesthetics as the overriding theme of the collection of Turkomans appears to be condition rather than art. Take for example the Beshir ensi with the reciprocal pelt pattern contained within the primary design elements. This rug strikes me as late in addition to containing a questionable dye, provenance not withstanding. I have seen the rug when it was bing offered for sale and I rejected it as aesthetically inferior. Why did you buy it? Was it a bargain? Or did it fill a perceived void in your collection? Enlighten us, please. Thank you. Charles Wilson

I bought it because I liked it. It certainly was no bargain being one of the highest prices paid at that time for an Ersari engsi. The critique of the auction by Hali gave it a lot more credit than you do, including its age as mid 19th c. There are no questionable dyes; the back is granular and the weave fine - consistent with a 19th c. Turkomen piece. I think it is big, bold, primative and beautiful; obviously you don't and that's what makes horse races. If we all liked the same thing, life would be boring.

It filled a void, but that's because this was the only one published at the time (there are only 4 others known so it would fill anyone's "void"), but filling voids is far from my bag. There are lots of voids in my collection.

Condition is not important if age and rarity are operative. Vanishing Jewels is only a portion of my collection which includes a very worn, but 17th c. Chinese piece, a fragment of a tentband with a very rare design, a fabulous Tekke chuval with part of a skirt missing. No, condition, per se, is not important.

In summary, I either like it or not and i can afford it or not. What are your motives?

Best regards, Marvin

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