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Posted by Erol Abit on March 06, 1999 at 05:27:14:

In Reply to: Re: Rugs Smell posted by Steve Price on March 05, 1999 at 16:56:24:

Dear Steve,

I think whether the rugs have significant and different odors or not can be understood only by careful laboratuar experiments.

If the result of the experiments is positive, ie if ODOR is significant, appreciation accuracy will be a matter of discussion. When one neglects it, the rug may neglect his/her expertise.

On the other hand, if the result is negative (ie no odor effect), then the question "What Is Being Transmitted From A Rug To A Rug Lover?" which is related to the current topic "rug and net" will arise.

If it is only LIGHT (visual related), one must be able to appreciate a rug (he never seen, smelled, touched one) by only viewing by eyes without touching and by closing his/her nose. [This is what we are doing on the web. In that case, ie. if only light is transmitted, the complaining on rugs on webs will have finished one day after the photo and scan will be done (almost) perfectly.]

If the transmitted object is HEAT or a kind of FEELING which is conducted from the rug to the hand when touching, one must be able to appreciate a rug by closing his eyes and noses. [In that case, present technology of the net is not enough to transmit this feeling till the realization of the dream of matter transmission.]

What the fuss is about "transmission" as the net is doing. I was thinking how "transmission" and "rug" can be connected to each other. Some people said "no paradigm/paradigm shift in -the net (transmission) and the rug-. Some said "yes, there is". When we are "the transmission from a rug on a web to a person" How can we pass the question
"What and how is being transmitted from a real rug to a real person?" To you, what is it? I am sure you could give the best answer if it were a transmission from a book instead of the rug.

Erol Abit

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