Re: Will the web replace conventions? Not a chance.

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Posted by N.Alexadner Soofi on March 05, 1999 at 04:01:57:

In Reply to: Re: Will the web replace conventions? Not a chance. posted by Erol Abit on March 02, 1999 at 12:34:26:

: : : Dear Jerry and All,

: : : The electronics revolution is surely upon us, and the web is one of its miracles. This has changed much of what we do, and will change even more. BUT, the rug convention is probably here for the foreseeable future.

: : : What's the evidence? Hearken back to a previous topic, the one about rug conventions. The high points for most folks was the dealer fair and the exhibitions. That is, what people really savor at the rug conventions are the hands-on rug fondling and the live interactions with their fellow neurotics. These, it turns out, are precisely the things the web can't replace. We can put lectures (slides an all) onto a monitor, we can put pictures of rugs, we can even have discussions. But we can't rub rugs or give each other the reassurance that only another living, breathing, ruggie can.

: : : Steve Price

: : Dear Sir,
: : I will have to agree with you to a 100%. We all have seen how internet walked into our lives and how the stock market reacted to all of that by enormous fluctuations of internet stocks such as, which in its turn practically changed the way many people started to buy books. HOwever, rugs and art in general is a different story. Art was meant to bring people together and critique it and negotiate and interact. It is not that Internet does not allow it, but simply that it is highly impersonal and it is not the purpose of art in the first place. I remember how my father would go to a bazzar in Turkmenistan and actually touch rugs and weavings and negotiate and speak with thier owners and often with people who actually made those things, and that is something that can not be replaced by impersonal way that internet is "suggesting to us". Thus, although sites like this one is a great thing and helps for many things to come true such as "distance killing", stepping out of boundaries of geographical limitations, however, this site can not substitude personal interaction that art so desires and is basically based on. Sincerely, Emil Babayev

: Dear Emil and Steve,

: To me, your voices is coming to me from the future. What you expect from the internet is much for the moment. Of course, the internet can not substitude personal interaction that art so desires. Rather, It initiates the personal interaction. The same happens in the bazaar in Turkmenistan. Your father communicates with people and rugs at a far distance by only his eyes before shaking hands, rubbing rugs.
: The Initiation. This is the mission of internet with regard to art. I remember a saying now "a good begun is half of success".

: Regards,
: Erol

Hello everyone,
I think your voices are the reflection of your fears. It's natural for human being to be fearful when change happens. We fear of losing our status and there wont be a demand and need for us. Internet almost has replaced the middleman in dealing rugs. We use computers and scanners in Afghan refugee camps in Peshawar to capture photos and email them to retailers in New York, London, Hamburg etc. They do pick the color and desgins and choice of their rug.
Its direct dealing between the weavers and retailers. Who knows, what next? Conventions? Maybe

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