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Posted by Erol Abit on March 03, 1999 at 11:15:21:

In Reply to: Re: Commercial Motives posted by Alan Nagel on March 03, 1999 at 08:39:58:

: For clarification's sake, Nagel is a rug-bug of some half-dozen years now, owner of fewer than a dozen and very uninterested in selling, or even competing in the higher ranges of collectors (humanists don't get paid enough).

: I'm not a purist about commercial motives, in fact am convinced that science too has some drives of that sort (gotta get more $$$ for neurological experiments, can't let those NASA people eat it all up for space research).

: And thus to put my previous post into an example, have efforts like Black Mt/Woven Legends, Zollanvari, Tolga Tollu, and Bohmer's DOBAG had a 'paradigm shift' on the rug community at large? They have certainly had an impact on the marketing (and here Erol's skepticism is on center: "vegetal dyes" doesn't necessarily mean much in the descriptions of rugs for sale these days).

: But have they really made us think differently about rugs either as a general community or as a specific research community? I've no idea.


Dear Alan and Steve,

Thanks for the clarifications. Without going into philosophical thoughts, I will keep in my mind that the information given for those purposes by Steve is not the commercial information. This is sufficient for me, at least, for the moment.

I have no idea if misrepresenting the rugs more valuable than it really is is so much effective, so much power that can change the equilibrium conditions, natural market values. People have hopes and success is less than few percents.

And when coming back to the paradigms, I don't know those such as DOBAG that Alan gave as an example have made. If those firms/companies/organizations really had an impact on whole rug market, there must be somethings new if I relate the market and paradigms as Alan did and if I add art too in this relation. I wonder too what was the new which can be considered as a paradigm?


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