Commercial Motives

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Posted byErol Abit on March 03, 1999 at 07:20:12:

Dear Steve,

I want to underline two words "commercial motive" in Steve's post.

First, I understood that some MISinformation has been given in the web INTENTIONALLY in some posts by "commercial motives" (usually). It is true this happens, for example, when the owner was showing a rug and discussing about it. You might have implied/meant another thing or a general case.
My this post is about "commercial motive" itself and is not a respond to what you meant or implied hence I posted in a new thread.

I really want to learn and understand what the majority of people understand by "commercial motives". Perhaps this is another topic which must be discussed in another week. But I'd like to hear some words about this when I saw this word in Steve's post. Where is the limit of commerciality? For example, bringing "the new artistic production" to the attention, to the foreground of the field as in my post "artistic growth possible by computerized society?" has a commercial motive? By this topic, in fact, I was expecting to share the philosophical thoughts/knowledges by attracting the artists having the philosophical backgrounds of art by this post. I means my main purpose was to SHARING THOUGHTS/KNOWLEDGES. Another post which was perhaps hesitated to be responded is the post by Alan. It was perhaps because of the title "" repelling the people of this noncommercial board. I am sure, even I don't know him personally if he is in the business or not, he was telling his opinions on the paradigm and the market. But if he were in the business (if he is not in the business now), one (but not me) could think that he had a commercial motivation while posting his that message. I considered he was aimed at THOUGHT/KNOWLEDGE SHARING and I didn't think if he is in the business and not.
Or when one shows the image of his rug on "show_and_tell" board, I have the similar thoughts, ie sharing thoughts/knowledges.
We can give many examples.
Since such classifications, commercial and noncommercial is often underlined on the board introductions of the discussion boards (unfortunately I, too, am following what people on the webs are doing) I think we must know the limit where "commercial motive" begins/ends, if there is "pure noncommercial" REAL (for ex. a rug show) and VIRTUAL object (a informatin about the same rug), if there is, what are their definitions?, the information itself is a commercial or pure noncommercial or a mixture of them?, etc etc. I think people must know the limits not to hesitate while posting their messages.

My opinion(as one who is not a knowledge/commerce expert) is that: Nothing, also the information (as a virtual object), has commercial or noncommercial motive in my understanding of commerce and they are related to commerce or noncommerce directly, indirectly, very indirectly, etc. Pure commerce and pure noncommerce are ideal concepts. We are in between at some points between these two limits of "pure commerce" and "pure noncommerce" and some of our motives are closer to pure commerce while some are closer to pure noncommerce.
I hope I didn't put another misinformation into the web by this post of a nonexpert of these these and if I am touching on a dangerous subject even I am not offensing anyone, I am not going to apologize since then I killed myself already on this moderated board.


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