Re: Would you buy a rug on the Internet?

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Posted by Michael Wendorf on March 07, 1999 at 15:46:14:

In Reply to: Re: Would you buy a rug on the Internet? posted by Katharine Hawks on March 07, 1999 at 13:30:43:

: : I find your post intriguing on several levels. It's always interesting to learn what gets someone started in buying rugs. But also your revealing a bit of the psychology, i.e., gaining your trust. Finally, the interaction with your pieces as you live with them.

: The issue of gaining my trust is not unique to rug buying -- that's going to be true in many areas. In fact, I've always been fascinated by the psychology of *distrust* that permeates the rug market. While I agree that I'm a fish in a sea of sharks in many respects, my only defense against that is education. And to educate myself, I personally feel that I need to buy rugs. (I also do other things -- read *a lot*, look at as many rugs as I can, etc.)

: Personally, I don't expend much negative energy on worrying about whether or not I've been cheated. I choose my maximum bid price when I decide to enter an auction and don't go above it. I buy primarily for aesthetics and look for low prices -- I'm not educated enough to buy for any other criteria (rarity, etc.), so I trust my sense of taste. And yes, I look for bargains. And I've gotten some. I've also gotten some fairly priced rugs. I've also gotten a few peices of junk. With each of these purchases, I've learned more and I've refined my eye and taste in a very individual way (which is how I need approach all things -- as an individual.) Personally, that's my path. And, as a novice, I'm sure this path will change over time.

: : Of course, the information you have is only as sound as the dealers knowledge and judgment you trusted.

: Not true. The information about the rug is also as sound as the information I've gotten from other sources.


: : But the real question is this: are you confident enough that you got a bargain and sound
: : guidance to post your rugs here or in the virtual show and tell and see what feedback you get?

: Why would that take confidence? I'd welcome any and all open, constructive feedback.

: I'm thinking of getting a digital camera, if I do, maybe I'll generate a "novice's collection" website for feedback and comments. I'd be happy to post my purchase price along with pictures and what *I* thought about the rug once I received it.

: : As for me, I have yet to buy anything on E-bay, though I have made some bids, and continue to think about, well, other things in addition to rugs.

: Well, Michael -- you're obviously at a different place than I am in your growth as a rug-person. I maintain that ebay is a good place for the novice to start. I doubt that I'll use ebay forever. In the meantime, it's giving me a great chance to see a *huge* spectrum of rugs and see the prices they go for. I'm learning alot, just from that.

: --Katharine

Your use of EBay sounds very responsible. It did not exist when I started down the collecting road. Your post got me thinking about how it might have changed had EBay been there. It does provide a spectrum although I do not think the spectrum is as huge as you might think. Mostly, I see low end and some middle market material, One thing you write I agree with completely, you have to start buying as part of one's rug tuition. I have usually learned at least as much from owning a rug as any thing else. Certainly it has taught me a few lessons about what a rug is worth.
I also admire the joy your rugs are bringing you and hope it continues. Collecting often devolves into a competition with too many collectors dwelingl on what they have and do not have. Ultimately, enjoying what you have and the process of allowing yourself to evolve and find your niche is priceless. I am reassured that you have found some responsible dealers who have earned your trust and await your "Novice Collection" post. Have fun. Michael

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