Mystery rug #2

This small rug is in poor condition but is I think still appealing. It is labeled by its owner " Central Anatolian rug" and in fact, design and colors match with this attribution. But its structure with thick hand spun cotton warps and wefts as well as the fact that there is only one thick weft between each row of knots and the overcast attached selvages are reminiscent of north western Persian rugs.

For me this rug suggest a Kurdish north west Persian origin.

Pile : wool

Knots: symmetrical, H 6/pi V 8/pi 48/psi

Warps: thick hand spun cotton

Wefts: Thick hand spun cotton one shoot

Attached Selvages: two warps units (1,1) interlaced with pink wool, overcast with aubergine wool

Ends: missing

Handle: loose

Colours: natural, indigo blue, ivory, mader red, pink, light green, light blue, safron, light orange, beige



Salon_00014_2_rug.JPG (101443 bytes) Salon_00014_2_closeup.JPG (85209 bytes)
Look at the picture for the design and look at the direct scan to see the right colors. Direct scan of one crab-like palmette, showing the real natural colours
Salon_00014_2_dirscan_border.JPG (74421 bytes) Salon_00014_2_back.JPG (72505 bytes)
Direct scan of the borders, showing the real colors, the internal medachyl border and the main border containing one row of  flower heads arranged in groups of four in alternated colours Back of the rug: