The claim "objective"

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Posted by Erol Abit on January 27, 1999 at 08:58:06:

By this claim, I understood that Mr. Salingaros means that it is possible to obtain a discrete model which is equivalent to an analytic model in this highly
nonlinear field where subjectivity plays dominant role.

The ultimate goal of many mathematicans and physicans is to obtain a unique equation for universe in which human being lives too since the universe
is assumed deterministic. Similarly, such attemps are being done in subdomains of universe. For example, water flows arond corner, money flows in market and now rug quailty as Mr. Salingaros is studying on, etc.. In the example of water flow, objectivity assumption can be valid since all people can observe same things. But in other two examples, where human hand touches the flow or system and effects it, there will be trouble about objectivity. Because, by human hand inserted in the domain, the subjectivity will born and grow. In some subdomains of this rug domain, for example prices of rugs, the objectivity can be obtain in some degree when the equilibrium is established by external and internal market forces. This subdomain can be undersood as soliton-like domain.
But when, another subdomain, "quality" which also includes the meaning of "beauty" is a subject of discussion, there will be trouble of objectivity, which will possibly be broken. Because "the beauty", in its definition, introduces the subjectivity into the domain, which makes one person different than another one.
If we assume that "lets dont take the human factor into account", we can again reach to objectivity in some degree in this rug field where human feeling
is most dominant factor.

By these kinds of modern mathematical modelling techniques such as neural networks, fuzzy, expert systems etc, much information can be obtained and models can even approach to physical system well. But we shouldn't forget they are only "approaches", address to majority of data or majority of people. But the objectivity is not related to majority but whole. Therefore, I think the word "objective" in the claim sentence is not correct. But I am sure when
developed more and more, such modellings such as neural networks will supply much information due to their efficient algorithms and, at least, we can see
common characteristics of rug community.

Applying the checklist rules to the rugs which will be woven in the future may turn the handwoven rug system to copy or machine-made rug system unless the checklist rules don't include personal feelings. If the rules include feelings too, I can imagine what can happen. For an objective model, the number of
rules in the checklist will be equal to the number of people in rug community; weavers, dealers, collectors, etc. We will be lucky if there are twins (a concrete example of symmetric data) since we can reduce the dimension of model. I'd like to work together on searching these symmetries and trying
to obtain an analytical model from this discrete model. Congratulations.

Erol Abit

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