Sources of Rug Images

PIC1 is Plate 194 in the Atlantic Collections catalog.

PIC2 is Plate 4 in Werner Loges" volume Turkoman Tribal Rugs.

PIC3 is Plate 2 in Hans Elmby's catalog Antique Turkmen Carpets II.

PIC4 is Plate 2 from an article by John Collins, Jr. entitled "Arabesque Themes in 19th Century Bidjar Carpets," Oriental Rug Review, Volume XII, Number 4, April/May, 1992, page 10.

PIC5 is Plate 95 in Ulrich Schurmann's Caucasian Rugs, Koln: 1964. Reprinted in English, 1974.

PIC6 is Plate IX in Hans Bidder's Carpets from Eastern Turkestan, Germany: 1964. Reprinted in English, 1979.