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Posted by saul yale barodofsky on January 12, 1999 at 14:51:34:

In Reply to: Re: Elevate the Word? posted by Wendel Swan on January 11, 1999 at 15:36:25:

Wendel, as to handles on a koran bag - I have never seen such. The triangular flap is most common, although there are some (Azerbajani - Persia) which have a truncated over flap. This dosen't mean that it is a rug dealers story necessarily. Although I would probably be very sceptical. The very idea that the Koran might be "on the ground" is so far removed from the actual practice which Muslims treat their holy book, that I cannot see any way that a handle would ever be necessary. Hope I haven't broken any cherished illusions.
On another matter, there are old Ottoman money purses, which are tiny (only a couple of inches wide). I do have a few of them in the small bag collection, and there are smaller pocket watch bags.
We have, as a homogeneous society, forgotten the nature of clothing from the past and from other cultures. In many (including the Middle East) each occupation would have its own kind of clothes. Some of these would be very ornate, and many would have in addition special acoutrement - like special bags.
I once saw and owned (briefly) a Turkish postal workers saddle bag. It was backed with leather, and the leather covering flaps had the seal of the Turkish Republic Post Office. Must have been a hold over of any earlier and gentler time. saul
: : I occasionally come across double-faced, piled bags around 12" x 12" that have handles. I was told they are used to keep the Koran off the ground. Does this sound right or is it just a rug-man story?

: The real expert on this Topic is Saul Barodofsky, who has a large collection of Koran bags. While I am sure that he would tell you that it is possible to find them in a variety of shapes, those that I have seen have a flap to cover the opening and no handles.

: The handles sound like creations for the Western market, but someone else may have superior knowledge on this topic.

: In Orient Stars, Kirchheim shows an old example of what you are talking about. At least the pile is old. Whether the composition is old is another matter.

: Wendel

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