The ORAC rug from "Oriental Rugs from Atlantic Collection" plate 97 page 97

Comments of the authors:

The long history of ethnic diversity, intermingling, migration and resettlement of tribal and village groups of Azerbaijan explains the difficulty in attributing weavings from the region.

This rug, based upon Sefavid "garden" rugs, features motifs, such as the kaikalik crosses in the upper and lower quarters of the field, make a Shasavan attribution likely.



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The ORAC rug plate 97 page 97

Labelled: Shahsavan Rug – Veramin Garden Rug

Dated: mid-19th century

Dimension: 4’ X 7’5" ; 1.24 x 1.96 m

Warp: ivory wool, Z3S, level

Weft: wool, red, 1 Z-spun strands, S plied, 3 shoots, occasionally 4 not all the across the rug.

Pile: wool

Knot: symmetrical, H 7 V 6-7 46/sq.inch.

Edges: two bundles of 2 warps wrapped in red wool

Ends: top: 25’ remains of red wool warp faced plain weave; bottom stripped

Handle: thick and meaty

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