William Eagleton comments:

Rugs of this type apparently were not produced after WW1. The Sauj Bulaq label seems appropriate here but sources are far from consistent in describing the structural and other characteristics of Sauj Bulaq rugs. When I visited Sauj Bulaq (Mahabad) in 1959-61, no one could remember a rug production in the town itself, so it is likely that nearby tribes, particularly the Dehbokri, were the earlier weavers. In this example as in others of the type, rich natural dyes and "original" field prevail.


Rug4.jpg (39485 bytes) Labelled: Sauj Bulaq – Western Mountains – Iran

Dated: circa 1900

Dimension: 46" x 89" ; 226 x 117 cm

Warp: beige wool

Weft: wool, red, 2 ply, 2 shoots.

Pile: wool

Knot: symmetrical, H 7 V 9 63/sq.inch.

Edges: wool, red figure 8 overcast

Handle: thick and meaty

Colours: red, dark blue, burnt orange, white, medium blue, blue-green, brown, green

Duck4.jpg (23806 bytes) Border4.jpg (46542 bytes) Palm4.jpg (52686 bytes)