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Posted by saul yale barodofsky on December 12, 1998 at 14:34:52:

In Reply to: Question for Saul posted by R. John Howe on December 10, 1998 at 19:29:20:

Dear John & Michael,
Firstly there are still a few more tulus around, of all kinds. I'll be there in Jan/Feb and will have a more up to date report when I return.
I do believe that they are foremost amongst the potentially most collectable of 20th century textiles. We'll see in a few more years if I'm on the money or not.
The stepped arch design is mostly Karapinar - but I have also seen it on rugs and kilims from Eastern Turkey - This is not as strange as it first seems, in that both Caucasian peoples settles in Bergama (thus the similarities) and Kurdish people settled in Karapinar (again the similarities). This stepped design is used in both carpets & kilims as well as in Tulus.
Reminds me of the stepped pyramid of Shakkara (Egypt).
all best - saul

: Dear folks -

: Steve notes that, since tulus are still being woven, they seem likely to be relatively available and relatively inexpensive, yet we don't see many in the market. Perhaps, Saul, who travels to Turkey frequently will tell us, (1) whether he sees them there? and (2) with the exception of one that Michael Wendorf remembered, whether he buys them? (Saul, if you can find things like the last two images, I'll take one of each.) :-)

: Regards,

: John Howe

: : : Dear Friends,

: : : After nearly 5 days of kicking around thoughts precipitated by things with sparse, long goathair pile, nobody's mentioned the wonderful absence of snob appeal in tulus. They are usually 20th century products (imagine a WAV file of a chorus of boos here), I don't recall seeing any in Sotheby's catalogs, they are relatively inexpensive textiles. Yet, people seem to like them. Is snobbery dead?

: : : Steve Price

: : : I was under the impression that we were all supporting each other in a mutual milleu of intellectual snobbery and connoiseurship. Real snobs got gobs of money and can afford to not care. We all obviously care very much about our art and out toes so I'll try and watch mine along with some Q's. Jim

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