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Posted by Jerry Silverman on December 08, 1998 at 16:24:04:

In Reply to: Re: Clarification, please posted by James Allen on December 08, 1998 at 15:26:06:

: :
: : : : Please notice email change and hey Marvin i wouldn't live fifteen minutes in their environment, i'm not crazy just aware of what has been sacrificed for what we have or think we have. JIM

: : Well, I have sacrificed raiding Khorasan villages and selling their inhabitants as slaves in the Bazaars of Kiva and Bhokara; I have sacrificed looting caravans in the Kara Kum desert; I have sacrificed being attacked by a rival clan and sold into slavery myself. As paltry substitutes I have to console myself with attending performances of Hamlet and Don Giovanni; visiting the Ayasofia and the Sulimanye as well as the Ufizzi, Louvre, and Met; eating at some of the Michelin's three-star restaurants; skiing at Aspen; getting a wonderful Saryk Chuval at Sotheby's that nobody else seems to have noticed... I am really leading an impoverished life.

: : Regards, Yon

: : My my Yon I didn't know you well enough. I can take the ridiculous extreme with the best socratic rhetoric spewer. Putting all baby kissing and saving the elderly from Allenites from hell aside ,if a few of us were to inherit a depopulated earth, after the champagne and cavier ran out, I am afraid we'd just die. The dumbest and highest testosterome level individuals among us might breed and recapitulate some neanderthals.
: The Turkomen have proven that one or two functional family units can recapitulate their race. Now this bears on basic differences in information processing and retreival. They had hard drive space devoted to survival and we have floppy discs strewn throughout our house. My God you two,Steve and Yon, act as if somebody had screamed wild Indians in a crowded theater. I was trying to establish a balance point for a better perspective but we will have to wait for all the terrified adults to come back to their seats. JIM

Dear Jim,

They aren't terrified.

They're just out recharging their tridents.


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