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Jeff Livesay

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Felt Embroidery Prayer Rug

While visiting my favorite rug seller in Ankara, he showed us this piece...

He said it was from Corum, brought to him by a seller from that area. Not sure of dates of origin, but definitely Osmanli.

A detail of the embroidery, said to be silk.

Another detail.

Beautiful handiwork. Glorious to behold.

The seller had it in his shop and intended to display it although he said he wasn't going to sell it. Someone in our party advised him strongly to rethink this, that his shop door was not secure enough for such a piece as this. It could disappear quite easily.

I think he said he paid about 350 Turkish lira.

Regards from Ankara
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Steve Price

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Hi Jeff

Welcome to Turkotek. That's a beautiful piece. I've seen one or two like it in Turkey, but never in the USA.


Steve Price