Posted by Filiberto Boncompagni on 05-01-2005 10:30 AM:

Orientalist paintings – Robertson’s follow-up

Dear all,

It seems that from time to time we have to re-open the subject of the Salon on “Rugs in Orientalist paintings”

Coming back from my vacations I had the pleasant surprise to find, buried under several layers of e-mails, the following message:

Subject: Charles Robertson rug

dear sir, i read with interest your discussion of the artist Charles
Robertson. Recently in England some contents from his estate came up
For sale and i was lucky enough to become the new owner of the Shirvan rug pictured in the Bazaar Khan el Khalili painting. This may be of interest to you as it explains he may have finished off his paintings in his own time using his own pieces. I wonder if you would know what date the picture was painted and what are its current whereabouts?
many thanks for your excellent site

Andy Lloyd

Mr. Lloyd sent also several photos of his rug:

Here is the detail of Charles Robertson’s The Bazaar Khan El Khaleelee Cairo (painting signed and situated on old label).

Not a rendition 100% exact, as you can see comparing this detail of what should be the same corner,

nevertheless close enough to convince me that this is the same rug depicted in the painting. Notice that the yellow color appears much stronger in the painting. It shows that the yellow is more subject to fading than other colors - unless Robertson took some liberties in reproducing it, but I doubt it.
The painting was already discussed in this thread:

Further comments are invited.

And, of course, many thanks to Mr. Lloyd


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