Part 3 - Rug Morning Session at The Textile Museum with Saul Barodofsky

Next, was a Turkmen horsecover.

The headpiece Saul pointed out is done in the same technique and in some of the same designs that one sees on Turkmen chyrpys.

I think Saul said that this piece is a Koran bag, sumac from Obruk, Central Turkey.

Piece (34) is a finely embroidered Lakai pistol holster. Notice how fine the embroidery in the red centers of this piece is.

The last piece I have a photo of from Saul's rug morning presentation proper is a very colorful Azerbaijani salt bag in sumak.

Some folks had brought pieces for this session. Here is a young but colorful asmalyk.
A friend of Saul's came with a bit of costume. Here (37) he is modeling a hat with lots of shells in its designs.

This final piece was a felt applique.

There was applause, and the session broke up and I went forward to shake Saul's hand. He bowed deeply, touching his forehead to my hands, the theater still in control.

A good rug morning and one of the first of the "new collectors" sessions I've seen that actively gave useful advice to new collectors.

Good job, Saul.


R. John Howe