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Yaser Al Saghrjie

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certainly not easy

dear friends in torkotek:
i am fully aware of all the problems whether of putting together a dictionary of all the terms related to textiles or the different ways interies are written but there is always an active way to deal with a task and passive one. the passive way to deal with an issue like that: is to mention all the difficulties and even blow them and someimes be sarcastic and the active way is to discuss suggestions.
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Steve Price

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Hi Yaser

I don't think the problem is insurmountable, but it isn't trivial and although there has been some banter back and forth, I don't think anyone's been intentionally sarcastic about it. The closest thing to a start on the project of which I'm aware is Peter Stone's Oriental Rug Lexicon, and I suppose if Peter chooses to expand it or to collaborate with someone on doing so, it can be done.

The biggest single issue that will have to be dealt with is how to manage the many disagreements among acknowledged experts.


Steve Price