Posted by Robert Alimi on 05-26-2006 03:09 PM:

ACOR 8 Turkmen Exhibit now online


The NERS has just made available an online version of the ACOR 8 exihibit entitled "Rare and Unusual Turkmen Pile Weavings". You can reach it from the Gallery page of the NERS website. I used the same format as the previous NERS online exhibits. All the images can be seen in a larger scale by clicking on the image presented in each exhibit plate. Thanks to Yon Bard and Jim Adelson for providing all the materials used to create the online exhibit.



Posted by Steve Price on 05-26-2006 03:27 PM:

Hi Robert

Many thanks for the link. Whoever set up the on-line version of the exhibition did a great job. I especially like the digital restorations of the fragmentary pieces. And the exhibition title, "Rare and Unusual Turkmen Pile Weavings", is perfect.

Number 21 looks to me like the borders have been taken off all around, and the argument against that seems unconvincing to me. Here, for convenience, it is (and I hope you don't object to my linking directly to the image on your site):

For a larger, more detailed image, follow this link.

Regards, and thanks again.

Steve Price

Posted by Ivan Sønderholm on 05-29-2006 03:17 PM:

Turkmen exhibit

Hi Robert and Steve

Indeed an excellent online exhibition. I especially noticed this Ersari ensi

Best regards
Ivan Sønderholm