TurkoTek Salon Archive

Mini-Salon 13: ACOR-8 (Boston, Massachusetts, April 2006). by R. John Howe

My Salor(?) trapping - Yon Bard

Erik Risman: A Little More on "Ersari/Beshir" - R. John Howe

A Tekke Engsi - Tim Adam

ACOR 8 Turkmen Exhibit now online - Robert Alimi

The Anatolian-Scandinavian connection - Wendel Swan

Yon Bard's Salor(?) trapping(?) - Steve Price

What I Bought at ACOR 8 - R. John Howe

Perhaps my favorite - Wendel Swan

Middleamudaryanwpturkey by horse - Wendel Swan


From Hamadan to Algeria - Wendel Swan

Tribal Bags of South Persia - Steve Price

Exhibition of Moroccan Textiles is now on line - Steve Price

Bakhtiyari? or Turkish beachball? - Wendel Swan

"Beshir" - Steve Price

"Name" but Maybe Not the "Spelling" - R. John Howe

Next ACOR to be in St. Louis not Indianapolis - R. John Howe

Horse saddle cover - Baluch style - James Blanchard

Not just rugs - Jerry Silverman

Sunday Stuff - Chuck Wagner

Wertimes straps Patrick Weiler