Posted by R_John_Howe on 07-16-2005 01:42 PM:

Good Show, Steve

Dear folks -

Here I am on the road and disadvantaged in responding to Steve's nice mini-salon here.

I do hope some of our so far silent viewers will notice the very high quality of three of the pieces brought in at the end (not to say that Steve's own material is not in this grouping).

The two pieces of Central Asian embroidery and especially the Kaitag embroidery of worthy of explicit notice.

I think the Kaitag piece may qualify for the sentence "no other comparable examples known." I have recently seen a Kaitag embroidery with lappets which is a rare usage in this group (it apparently is the case that the makers of Kaitage embroideries sometimes copied other designs and formats.

In this case the "model" seems to have been the vary sophisticated velvet Ottoman yastiks. One feature that seems even rarer that the lappets is the cartouches filled with caligraphy.

My thanks to Steve but getting this material up for us to see.

I am hopefull, as always, that the quality of this material will trigger equally appreciative and informative posts by our readers.


R. John Howe
(on the road in southern Michigan)

Posted by Filiberto Boncompagni on 07-19-2005 04:16 AM:

Hi John,
Yes, the Kaitag embroidery is interesting indeed.

Iím wondering if there are any available examples of Ottoman yasticks with this layout. Especially with cartouches filled with calligraphy.