Posted by Raoul Tschebull on 01-10-2005 12:07 AM:


Ah, the "age" of rugs, it's both fascinating and overdone. It tells you much more about people than about the rugs themselves.

Posted by Steve Price on 01-10-2005 07:36 AM:

Hi Mike

You're right. But you could leave out the phrase, "the age of", and it would still be true.

Steve Price

Posted by Jerry Silverman on 01-11-2005 04:53 AM:

For those with short memories, I'll synopsize a story I've told here before.

In the early '80s I bought a couple rugs from an Afghan who had come to the US to see if there was a market for his rugs. When I asked him how old the rugs were he replied, "Hundred year antique." I took that to mean the rugs were antique and 100 years old. What he really meant was that in 100 years they would be antiques.

Is there a moral here? For myself, age has come to have a lower priority than artistic achievement.



Posted by Unregistered on 01-12-2005 05:00 PM:


A publicist wired a query to the actor Cary Grant, "How old Cary Grant?", to which the reply came back, "Old Cary grant fine, how you?"

Raoul Tschebull

Posted by Cevat Kanig on 01-12-2005 09:22 PM:

Hi To All,

I wouldn't change 100 years old a Beauty to 200 years old a rug that wouldn't satisfied me, it must be a Beauty too.


Cevat Kanig

Cevat Kanig