TurkoTek Salon Archive

Mini-Salon 5: Date Attribution: Criteria and Precision. by Steve Price

Condition and Age: let’s guess. - Filiberto Boncompagni

Date attribution criteria - Tim Adam

The LACMA Turkish Rug and JC=Jacques Clouseau - Steve Price

Belief vs. Reason - Jerry Silverman

"Natural Orange" Dyes - Danny Mehra

counterfeit - Richard Farber

What is this date? - Patrick Weiler

Puzzling Bagfaces - Louis_Dubreuil

Age Before Beauty? - Bob Kent

Tekke Trapping as Period Upholstry - David R.E. Hunt

age - Raoul Tschebull

Condition and Age - Leslie Orgel

How reliable is the "educated eye test" for dyes? - Steve Price

Databases would be useful if we could trust them - Steve Price