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The Salon du Tapis d'Orient is a moderated discussion group in the manner of the 19th century salon devoted to oriental rugs and textiles and all aspects of their appreciation. Please include your full name and e-mail address in your posting.

Name that Textile (An Attribution Game)

by Richard Farber

Many years ago there was a game - first on radio than on television - where a piece of music was performed - first one note, then two notes, then three etc.  After each hearing the contestants where asked to identify the piece.

I remember on one occasion, The Sorcerer's Apprentice was performed and the correct solution was guessed after the first note.   A great accomplishment by the contestant who, I imagine, recognized the key of the piece - g minor and the unique orchestra of the first chords with the strings in pizzicato (plucked not bowed).  I hadn't the slightest idea and only in retrospect imagined how he figured it out.

I will start with six items and a single detail of each one.  You are asked to guess what the piece is, the attribution of the piece and, if you wish, its age from the first image.  After a few days a second image of each item will be presented and after another few days a third, etc., etc.   Most items have 4 or 5 clues.

Don't be shy!  As my old teacher used to say, if you¹re not prepared to make a fool of yourself on occasion you will not learn.

If there is interest I will add further items.

I will be prepared to answer questions only if the moderator forces me too.  I will show the complete pieces and say what I think they are at the end of the salon, leaving time for all of you out there to (of course) tell me that I am wrong.

You might want to supply images of what you think are companion pieces to back up your guesses as the game progresses although this is not necessary.   I will supply scans of companion pieces of some of the items which might be hard to source.

The reasons for your guesses might be fun to supply, especially in retrospect towards the end of the mini salon when you see the entire object.

Good luck and lots of fun!

N.B. I have not supplied the moderators with the images in advance, so they too can play.  They will get the first images only minutes before the salon is to open and they will be asked to immediately post the additional images as they get them.