Posted by Richard Farber on 10-08-2004 12:08 PM:

2, 6, & 7 are unsolved as are the new items 11 & 12

dear turkotekees

mystery items 2, 6, & 7 in the "name that textile" game are unsolved as are the new items 11 & 12.

we have one more week to run and all have to be solved to keep up what's left of the good name of turkotek

[i would put in a sad smilie now but i dont know how.] and another even sadder one for not knowing how to put in the first one . . . and another etc. etc. etc.

one of the participants said towards the beginning of the game that he didnt have enough knowledge to intelligently participate in the game. i suggest that a steep learning curve is often best achieved by making a fool of yourself. so come on t.a. and all the turkotekees out there NAME THAT TEXTILE.

good luck

richard farber

i will not comment on your guesses for the next days until ready to put up a new clue . . there will not be more than a day or two between new clues this final week.