Posted by Steve Price on 05-19-2004 08:23 AM:


Hi People

The flow of Salon essays is sporadic. Sometimes we have several in the pipeline, sometimes none. We have one in preparation right now, but it won't be ready to open until late June.

As a way to offer focus topics between Salons, I'm trying a little experiment. The idea is to have readers prepare brief (and I mean, brief) statements about some piece that they own to which they have a special fondness and put them up for comments. We have lots of collectors in the readership, and I know that every one of them has some favorite textiles. Preparing a short note about one shouldn't require the time and effort that preparing a Salon essay does, but would probably be interesting to write and to see.

Anyway, that's what a "mini-salon" is. I welcome your comments about this.


Steve Price

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