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Virtual Show and Tell Just what the title says it is.

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Old September 19th, 2018, 10:37 PM   #21
Marla Mallett
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A couple of totally different things are being confused here. On one hand, we have “latch-hook” or “needle-knotted” rugs, and on the other, a quite different process and structure: “tufted” rugs.

Whether a piece is made with a latch hook (as in the video linked to above), or with a needle on canvas, true “symmetrical knots” are formed. When done with a needle, the process is precisely the same as that used by rug repair people working to re-pile areas on symmetrically-knotted rugs.

Tufting is an entirely different process, and no “knots” are formed. Yarns are merely pushed through a heavy canvas with a shuttle tool or punch. Later the pile is cut. The punch used can even be electrified to speed up the process. The canvas is normally stretched taut to facilitate the work. Rows of tufting can be oriented in any direction, as desired. To confuse things, in the US, tufted rugs have normally been referred to as “hooked.”

I have a discussion of each of these two approaches to rug making on my website’s first WOVEN STRUCTURES UPDATE page: www.marlamallett.com/updates.htm. There I have examples showing how the structures differ. The tufted example is down the page a bit.


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Old September 20th, 2018, 12:10 AM   #22
Rich Larkin
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Location: Massachusetts
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Hi Marla,

I am familiar with most of what you have said (including the insertion of knotted pile with a needle in repair situations). What I did not realize was that after the hook device is used, the result constitutes a disposition of the pile yarn in exactly the position of a knotted rug using the symmetrical knot. Thus, my comment about having to revise my speech. (I used to tell people how to separate rows of pile to inspect the bases of the pile for evidence of knotting. I used to say the knots would only be found in hand-knotted rugs.)

Never to old to learn something new.

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