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Using Our Software Should you register? How to search the site? How to post images?

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Filiberto Boncompagni
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Default How to Put Your Images into a Message


Your images are probably photographs from a digital camera or scanned pictures. Either way, you should choose the .JPG (also called JPEG) file format as the output. It uses a compression technique that reduces the file size without significant loss in picture quality. This is why it is used so much on the Internet: smaller file sizes mean faster transmission on the web and download to web browsers faster, especially important to those with slow connections.

What if your image is in a different format like, say, TIF (TIFF) or BMP? The software with your digital camera or scanner should be able to convert it to JPG. If not, there are some FREE image editing programs that you can download from the web. One is IrfanView:


It can convert your graphic files to many formats and can do a lot of other things, like sharpening, change brightness/contrast, gamma correction and so on. Just use the program to open your image and under the "File" menu choose the option "Save as:". Then, in the dialog window click on the small arrow at the right of "Save as a type:" until you see the "JPG - JPEG Files" option.

Clicking on the "Options" tab let you also choose the degree of compression. The more the file is compressed, the more loss of quality the picture will suffer: it's best to ignore it and leave the conversion at the default level.

A 100 Kb file can show a lot of detail, more than most computer monitors can display, and there is no need to use files any larger than this (Kb, or Kilobytes are the units of measure for computer files. You should see the Kb level of your image under the "Image information" or "Image properties" of your editing software).


The average monitor resolution used is of 800 x 600 and an image of 800 x 600 pixels will completely fill the screen. An image of 400x300 pixels will be only one-fourth the file size (in Kb), and is still a pretty large image on a screen. So, another way to reduce a large image file is to resize it. In your image editing program you should usually find the "Resize" option under the "Image" menu.

Generally we are dealing with pictures of rectangular, vertical objects (RUGS!). A picture with an horizontal size of 500 pixels shows a lot of detail. Hardly any of the images you see on Turkotek is more than 500 pixels wide..


Using the jpg file type and an appropriate image size you should produce some perfectly readable images with a file size between 30 and 75 Kb.
The images you see on our site are almost never wider than 600 pixels or of file sizes greater than 100 Kb.
Now e-mail your images as attachments to us. We will put them into our server and send you simple instructions on how to make them appear, as if by magic, in your messages.
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