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Rich Larkin
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Hi Steve,

A muslim is required to have a clean place to pray, but it doesn't have to be a rug. I've had colleagues who used newspapers for the purpose....
Right. In Riyadh, I worked in a public building in which workers (all men!) gathered daily in organized fashion for the prayer right outside my office door. A number of them typically carried their own particular means of dealing with the devotional requirement you mentioned: a small mat, cloth, sheet of paper or cardboard, etc. But not one prayer rug, as far as I could see.

Meanwhile, I did occasionally see prayer rugs in the suq, which I visited religiously (to coin a phrase...) two days on every weekend. In fact, I can only remember two particular prayer rugs there, an Afghan model which I bought, and a Baluch which a friend bought. But I am sure there were others, though not very many compared with what one might find in other oriental rug venues.

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